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    Clash of Clans(CoC) is a very popular free mobile MMO strategy video game. It was launched in 2012 by Supercell. There are over 15 million players from all around the globe. Clash of Clans is all about raiding other’s bases and building your own base. To speed things up there are Gems that will help you achieve success. Using this site you can get free clash of clans gems!

    The Game has mainly 3 Resources: Gold, Elixir and Gems! Later on, you will have access to Dark Elixir which is used to train dark troops that have super powers.To help you out we have designed a special clash of clans gems generator 2016. In here you will have to enter the amount of resources you want and then click on 'Connect'. Once the connection is achieved you will have access to free gems. However, make sure to enter your Clash of Clans username correctly.

    Is CoC a free game? Of course it is, anyone can download and play the coc game. There are a few time-saving options available in the game which is against purchase only. Owing to the major popularity of the game, CoC has continued to receive several updates and patches.

    The game has a lot in common with other strategy building games in which you create a base and then add new things to fortify and safeguard it. Clash of Clans gems help speed up the process of building. Free gems in Clash of Clans could be a major game changer as gems are the currency for buying builders. Earning gems in clash of clans becomes of primary importance. COC free gems can be obtained if one plays the game with tact and skill.

    If you’re new to this game and wondering about what the different terms mean, you’re definitely in the right place. Clash of Clans has four major types of currencies. They include gold, silver, elixir, and gems. However, gold, silver, and elixir can be safely termed as resources. Gems can either be purchased or obtained for free but through a cumbersome task.

    How can you get more gems in Clash of Clans?

    Small amounts of gems can be acquired as a result of clearing trees and rocks. All you need to do is continue to play and complete tasks as they earn you gems. Weekly tournaments held award gems to the top three clans. If you’re short on elixir be sure to have plenty of gems to purchase some.

    In the game, gold can easily be acquired through gold mines. This keeps getting accumulated and is stored in your gold storages which can be made use of at any time during the game. So why is gold so essential? It helps you build and upgrade defensive buildings, traps, and walls. Elixir on the other hand is used for purchasing as well as upgrading army buildings, armed forces like troops, gold mines, and gold storages. Dark elixir is important as it is used primarily for upgrading hero class troops as well as dark elixir troops.

    The troops are classified into different categories called tiers. We’ve made a list to better understand them and what they entail.

    1. The barbarians form a part of the attack group. They storm their opponents, tearing down enemy base camps to the ground.

    2. The archers unlike the barbarians, rely on stealth and perfect aim. Rather than storming at their enemies, they resort to tack and skill. Their precision and accuracy allows them to cause damage at large distances and even over enemy walls.

    3. Giants are slow but are extremely powerful. These massive warriors target enemy defences before anything. Giants coupled with a healer could win the battle for you.

    4. The greedy little goblins go straight for the enemy resources, looting their storage units and filling up yours. Even though these sly thieves are helpful they have limited defensive capabilities.

    5. The wall breakers strategy can tear through any enemy defence, detonating bombs in order to bring down walls. In this game balloons not only fall from the sky but cause major damage when they land. The balloon can fly high over enemy lines and unleash havoc on their defences.

    6. The perfect form of offence is in the form of the wizard who cast bolts of arcane energy. However, although skilled at offence, they lack any sort of defence.

    7. The healer is one of the most essential when in combat. The rejuvenating magic can keep your giants pumped up and on continuous attack mode. They great thing about the healer is the ability to fly and stay away from harm’s way.

    The entire strategy based game requires skill and tact. Attacking, defending, and farming are the key elements upon which the game is built. Mastering these essential elements is the key to success in Clash of Clans. Attacking in the game consist of waiting patiently while the troops get trained for forthcoming battle. Attacking includes a lot of preparation for battle which takes place at your base. You could either attack an AI enemy under campaign mode or test fate and attack a human player. If you choose to select a human, you can skip past bases which look too tough for your troops to defeat. Once presented with the enemy base, tap on the place where you want to attack.

    Remember which troops to send it first. You earn trophies by defeating and destroying the enemy base. Always bear in mind that attacking a town which is more than one level below you will result in a penalty. Attacking is never everything. Defending forms an integral part of the game. Defending ultimately depends upon how strong your defensive base structures are and your base layout. Walls can be used to protect buildings while cannons and mortars can be used to hold down opponents. Suppressive fire and placing traps like bombs can be highly effective. You must try to guide enemies onto a certain path, one which leads to your best defended area. After the enemy places their units there’s little much one can do. Understanding and learning how the AI works will helps you predict their route of attack. However, this only comes with practice.

    Why is collecting Gems so important in Clash of Clans?

    This is probably because all your upgrades will ultimately depend on how you utilize your gems in clash of clan game along with how good your farming strategy actually is. The farming strategy will change depending upon your Town Hall. Place your storages in the centre of your town. Try to place your storages a little away from each other so even if one falls prey to an attack, the others still stand tall.