How to Effectively Use Barbarians in Clash of Clans Game Strategy

Barbarians can be your best troop in raiding coc bases. As you already know, Clash of Clans is one of the most popular strategy games. The key to success in the game is time and efficient use of your troops. Training your army and the right kind of troops is crucial in a game like Clash of Clans. Randomly training and deploying your troops will not always ensure victory for you in the game. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each troop in order to best use them when attacking.

One of the first troops available to you at the very start of the game are the barbarians. For beginners, barbarians are going to form the essential framework of you army. You will need to learn how to use the barbarians to your advantage. So here are a few tips on how to use barbarians effectively.

coc barbarians strategy guide

Focus on Upgrading Barbarians

Although the barbarians are a slow unit and have quite low health and deal out a small amount of damage, they are also the cheapest unit to train and have the shortest training time. However, when barbarians are upgraded, they become a lot stronger and can help you emerge victorious. Barbarians, typically scale well with upgrades and deal out quite a bit of damage, especially if they are anywhere between level 3 to 5. At early Town Hall levels, the barbarians are going to be doing most of the attacking for you. Usually in town hall 5 base layouts it is easier to win 3 stars by just using mass barbarians attack.

Barbarians are good for Farming as well as increasing your Trophies

This troop makes a very good unit for farming as well as collecting trophies. They are cheap to train and also train very quickly. So even if you lose a lot of them in battle, you know you haven’t spent up a lot of your elixir on training them. This is important as elixir is used for various upgrades, so having a lot of resources, like gold, elixir, and dark elixir is never a bad thing. To use them successfully, one must understand how and when to deploy them in order to take out archer towers and collect resources as well.

For Troop deployment and positioning – Barbarians are Better!

While many people prefer training giants over barbarians, most of those people forget how much elixir giants cost. The amount of barbarians which can be trained using the same amount of elixir used to train a certain number of giants will not only be more in number but will also deal out more damage than the trained giants. Never deploy your barbarians in clusters or in a single wave at just one spot. Spreading them out and deploying a few of them at a time is a much better strategy when using barbarians. Deploying a handful of barbarians means at least 10-15 as just deploying a few barbarians will result in them being killed by nearby defense structures.

Used to take out Archer Towers

The deployment of your barbarians will entirely depend upon the type of tower or defense structure you are looking to attack. When attacking a single defense structure like archer towers and cannons, sending many of them in is probably your best bet and you will need at least 10 barbarians to take out an archer tower. When trying to attack mortars and wizard towers you will need to adopt a different line of strategy. In this case you will have to spread your barbarians out and attack from various different sides. Sending them all in from one side will result in them being killed easily by the splash damage of the mortar. Once you progress to higher levels in the game and unlock spells, you could simply make use of the healing spell, after which you could easily pile up as many barbarians as you want on the wizard tower.

Barbarians, Giants, and Archers are the most Army pack

These units make a pretty effective combination at lower levels for farming as well as collecting trophies. Giants can first be deployed and be used as a tanking unit while the barbarians work their magic and invade the enemy’s base. Archers can support both the giants and barbarians from a safe distance. This kind of a combination of barbarians, giants and archers forms for a well-balanced and effective army.

Using Barbarians to deal with Enemy Clan Castle Troops

A major drawback of barbarians is that they always go for the clan castle. If the enemy has units waiting in there, then it becomes difficult for the barbarians to eliminate them. For instance, if there are archers in the clan castle, they will attack the barbarians even before the barbarians break through walls to get to the clans castle. To prevent this from happening, drop a barbarian near the opponent’s clan castle to see if he has any units there. If so, lure them out and then allow your barbarians to rip them to shreds. You can also use wall breakers strategy to break the walls and get your barbarians inside the enemy base.

Barbarians have always been one of the most useful and effective units if used carefully and skilfully. Their low cost and quick training, make them a very attractive unit to use when going to attack and collect resources or even trophies. The above mentioned tips will give you a good idea of how you should be making use of your barbarians in Clash of Clans.

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