Clash of Clans Best Town Hall 4 Farming Base Layout 2016 Strategy

Hello Clan Clashers! In this post on coc th4 farming base layout we will be going through some amazing Town Hall 4 Farming Bases for your resource farming strategy. Now as you all know there are practically 3 types of base layouts in Clash of Clans. Here we are going to focus only resource collecting Base Layout.

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Featured Town Hall 4 Farming Base Layout

Here is a still photo of the best defense base layout at Town Hall 4 so you can have a look at it:

town hall 4 base farming layout

As should be obvious, the essential clash of clans method of this th 4 farming base is to ensure the Mortar and capacity units while setting your two Cannons and Archer towers on the border of the base. The dividers around the cannons and archer towers standing out makes it troublesome for Wall Breakers to break into the inside.

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Obviously, you can even now get swarmed by bigger quantities of Barbarians and Archers. Note the air safeguard is perched on the outside of the base. This happens for two reasons. Firstly, players don’t become acquainted with the Healer until TH6. TH6 players once in a while assault Town Hall 4 players because of the plunder punishment. The main air unit at this level is the Balloon, which is once in a while utilized. Sitting on the outside of your dividers is really a helpful position, as it attracts Giants to it as opposed to letting the Giants begin pounding on your dividers.

On the other hand, the genuine purpose behind keeping the Air Defense tower on the outside of the base is that it takes an entire day to redesign. It doesn’t take more than a couple of days in any case to maximize the clash of clans TH4 farming layout, so there is no reason for consolidating it inside your base when it is under development more often than not.

How to build your TH4 Farming Defense Base Layout

The greatest shortcoming of this base is simply more elevated amount players. A TH5 player with 3 armed force camps can make mass Archers and Barbarians. Archers/Bowmen can take out your archer towers and cannons from behind their dividers, leaving just the mortar. While the Mortar is an incredible tower, a solitary Mortar is not going to shield against a swarm of Barbarians and Archers that have been spread out. You will likewise see TH5 players utilizing mass Giants and Wall Breakers, another intense combo to stop at this level.

The good thing is that Town Hall 4 farming strategy players (or underneath) won’t have the capacity to clear this base nor become acquainted with the majority of your assets. This base configuration is an incredible one on account of the encased Archer Towers set up on either side of the Town Hall. Striking troops will attempt and advance past your Gold Storage and they will need to manage the Cannons set up in the corner.

The Walls developed here are shut everything down well, yet they have a few troops instant for war as they’re set up inside of these Wall corners. Striking troops will need to fight with those two Archer Towers as they take part in fight with your troops. The other Defensive Buildings set around these towers likewise give a decent turn in keeping your Town Hall/Storage safe. This can without much of a stretch be said as the best method/format from shielding it’s base from adversaries. To break this protection will be very much an errand for the one’s coming to assault the Clan.

The above mentioned points are a portion of good th4 farming base strategies that can be utilized for Town Hall 4.


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