Town Hall 4 Upgrade Step-by-Step Guide for Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Town Hall 4 is a crucial level for every coc player. Upgrading step by step is very important to save clash of clans gems. As we all know this is a strategy game which requires tact and technique. One of the quickest levels to upgrade from is actually Town Hall 4. However, in order to this, one must choose their upgrades efficiently and effectively. Choosing an upgrade which isn’t so important could determine the sad fate of your village. The right order of upgrades becomes crucial in this game. This town hall 4 upgrade priority guide will help you understand which structures to upgrade and build at Town Hall 4 in Clash of Clans. By this time and level in the coc game you must have at least two builders! Two builders is actually quite enough for this Town Hall level and is all you need to max out most buildings.

This Town Hall 4 Upgrade Strategy Guide is independent of whether you have a town hall 4 farming base layout or a th4 hybrid base. So here we go with out detailed guide.

Step by Step Upgrading Order Guide for Town Hall 4 Base

Firstly, the priority upgrades should be taken up in order before the construction of any new structures or buildings. Once structures have actually been completed then you can easily proceed to the second priority tasks in order.

1. Upgrading Laboratory as well as Storage Structures

The first and foremost priority as you reach this level, Town Hall 4, is to start working on the Laboratory. This means you will need to upgrade the laboratory. One of the most time consuming procedures at Town Hall 4 is having to complete all the required research available at this level. However, if you start the laboratory upgrade first, you can take as much time as you want on the research. While you might think it extremely odd to upgrade your storage structures like that of gold and elixir, it isn’t. There is a good reason for doing this early on in the game. The main concept behind this is to increase the storage holding capacities so you can keep gathering more resources while your builders are working on all the construction work. Later you could use a few extra resources on wall upgrades. Having enough storage space allows you to accumulate more resources and thus fortify your village with more walls.

2. Building new Barracks and Archer Tower along with upgrading Army Camps

One of the two builders will be laboriously constructing walls during Town Hall 4. Extra accumulated resources will be spent on upgrading and building new walls. You can then use this builder to construct a new Barracks and work on it till it upgrades to level two. Remember, that Town Hall 4 brings with it an important unlock which is very useful. The Archer Tower which is unlocked at this level can be built by your builder. You can now attempt to rearrange your base and make room for new constructions. Your other builder can be wisely made use of by making him upgrade each Army Camp to its new max level.

3. Town Hall 4 Second Priority Tasks

Once all the primary tasks have been effectively completed, it’s time to move on to the secondary tasks. If you actually followed those steps religiously, you probably took less than a day to complete those primary tasks. It usually takes little less than an entire day before you start getting ready to upgrade to Town Hall 5.

4. Upgrading the Clan Castle

Allot the task of upgrading the Clan Castle to one of your two builders. It’s very important to increase the units of this structure. Even an increase from 10 to 15 units is beneficial. This can boost your strength tremendously!

5. Build the Air Defense Tower and then upgrade all towers

You can now proceed to upgrading all the towers to the maximum level that they can reach at Town Hall 4. The upgrade which is probably going to take up most of your time is the Defense Tower. It can take up to an entire day to upgrade to level 2. It only seems practical to make one builder work on the Defense Tower while the other focuses more on Cannons and Mortar.

6. Build Town Hall 5 and upgrade Barracks

Take one builder and make him work on upgrading towards Town Hall 5. You must start with this as it takes as an extremely long to complete. The other builder can also be put to work. Make him work on upgrading your Barracks to their new maximum level.

7. Building and Upgrading of Mines and Collectors

If you have one free builder you can assign to him the task of building and upgrading Gold mines. Use the builder that you were using to upgrade the Barracks as he’s probably finished off that work by now. You’ll notice how during this level most of the resources you get will be from farming and not from mines and collectors. Use your free builder to upgrade these mines and collectors to their max.

8. Upgrading Walls as the last step

Walls should continuously be upgraded. While your builders are busy building, your farmers should be farming so you could use the surplus to build walls. This is practically the best strategy to adopt.

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