How To Effectively Use Giants as Clash of Clans Game Strategy

The Giants form a part of one of the most strongest troops which target defense structures in Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans is a real-time strategy based game which requires quick and clever reactions. Reacting a few seconds later could be the difference between defeat and victory when playing this game. So why are the Giants so popular in Clash of Clans? This is probably because they are one of the strongest at targeting the enemy’s defense structures and are also among the cheapest to train, especially when it comes to a troop who can deal out so much damage to the opponent’s base. Giants can be very effective if they are used properly!

coc giants strategy guide

How to Deploy Giants in CoC Game Strategy?

Since almost everyone starts the battle with giants, people have become clever enough to set spring traps. The last thing you want is losing your giants to such traps before they can actually reach and tear down defense structures. The best way of getting around this is using cheaper units like goblins and one or two barbarians to take the fall and get rid of such traps. Instead of just deploying all your giants at one go, send one in as people tend to set traps in common paths which the giants are bound to take. Use wall breaker strategy to tear down the wall.

You can now deploy more giants to attack the opponent’s defense structures. While giants can take down defense structures, they need the assistance of barbarians and archers. These units can deal out damage to surrounding structures, supporting and helping the giants to a great extent. It is crucial to back up the giants with additional damage dealing troops. You could also use the support of healing spells or healers to ensure their survival throughout the battle. However, since this is going to take a ton of resources to prepare such an army troop, only use this army troop if the base is worth attacking.

Spending more on training troops and getting back less in return by invading enemy bases is not a good strategy.

Giants are used as a tanking unit in Clash of Clans Game

This role is best filled by the giants and not the barbarians. Notice how the barbarians can easily get taken out by the splash damage dealt by mortars. Giants have a much higher health level which allows them to withstand more damage when compared to the barbarians. They are more effective as they immediately target defense structures, allowing the rest of the troops to destroy buildings and loot the enemy’s base. Giants are known as a common medium of distraction. They distract enemy defense structures, allowing the other troops to work their magic. Imagine how helpless barbarians and wall breakers would have been if there wouldn’t have been any giants in Clash of Clans. Barbarians and wall breakers are both sent in after the giants are deployed into the enemy’s base. Giants only get stronger and much more effective when upgraded. Try facing off against a few level 6 giants. They take out defences, almost winning the battle for their team of soldiers.

Giants are Good for Raiding

Giants along with wall breakers and goblins form an effective combination. This will be the most effective method when it comes to raiding bases which have a lot of resources to loot. Giants can be sent in first and then wall breakers can be deployed immediately. Once the giants take on defense structures, the little green goblins can begin doing what they do best. Having a few barbarians and archers to back up the giants would be a good idea.

Effectively using Giants Strategy for Clash of Clans

Another strategy employed by most advanced Clash of Clans players is using giants and healers to invade enemy bases. Send out many giants to deal with all defense structures. The healers can be deployed behind defense structures while they are focused on the giants. The healers will restore their health back while they tear down all defense structures. This is one of the most popular methods used for almost any kind of base, whether looking for trophies or even loot.

Giants can be Very Useful in Clan Wars

At Town Hall level 6 when you still don’t have access to dragons and hog riders, giants are going to be your best bet. Giants combined with healers, wall breakers and a few wizards are what you will be mostly depending upon. When playing clan wars, your strategy may change a little. When using giants and wall breakers, your aim will be to first destroy the opponent’s air defense. Once the air defense is down you’ll easily be able to attack and destroy the base. Healers will ensure that your giants stay alive and are in fighting shape.

Giants need to be used at the right time in order to fully make use of their strengths. While they do have weaknesses, other troop units can help cover those flaws. Giants along with added support units which deal out damage will ensure you a victory in almost every battle.

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