Best Town Hall 5 Hybrid Base Layouts of 2016 in Clash of Clans

Today is all about Town Hall 5 Hybrid Base Layouts!In Clash of Clans we already know how important a th5 base layout is going to be. It is the determining factor on whether or not you are going to win or lose the battle. We have all heard of farming bases, trophy bases, and war bases, but how many have ever heard of a hybrid base? If you have, have you tried it? Well, a hybrid base, as the name suggests, is a combination of a trophy and farming base. By this we mean that you will be focusing on both collecting resources as well as acquiring trophies. A hybrid base serves well as a long term base as you don’t have to keep switching between a trophy and farming base.

When looking for the best hybrid base layout for town hall 5 you will have to bear in mind that your Town Hall as well as your storages will have to be safely protected inside the walls. Make sure to use walls to make several compartments to secure all storages as well as the Town Hall. Making wall compartments will make it tougher for the enemy to get to all storages. Surround your Town Hall 5 with defense units.

In a hybrid base you will commonly see the Town Hall being placed at the center of the base.

Spring Traps at Town Hall 5 can be used to protect the Town Hall, making it even more difficult for opponents to reach it, tear it down, and gain trophies. Since this base will also focus a lot on your defenses, try placing the mortar at a central location in such a way that its radius of damage covers all the structures within the walls of your base. Mortars provide for good splash damage and can easily take out your barbarians and archers in no time. Trophies can easily be earned by successfully defending your base. Believe it or not but sometimes this is the best way to earn trophies. Traps like bombs can be also placed in front of storage units to take out goblins.

Featured Town Hall 5 Hybrid Base Layouts

Here are the best coc hybrid base layouts which can be used for your Town Hall 5

pic 1 of town hall 5 hybrid base clash of clans

clash of clans pic 2 of town hall 5 hybrid base

pic 3 of th5 hybrid base clash of clans

pic 4 th5 hybrid base coc

pic 5 clash of clans th5 hybrid base

How to build your TH5 Hybrid Base Layout

A hybrid base is not to be confused with a trophy base which mainly concentrates on trophies rather than loot. A hybrid base well protects the loot as well as the Town Hall. A hybrid base is very desirable, especially at early Town Hall levels, like Town Hall 5 as you will need both resources as well as trophies. The most important thing about a hybrid base is its layout.

What is really good about a hybrid base layout is that it can quickly be changed into a whole farming base layout without having to do much. All that is needed is to place the Town Hall outside the walls and you’ve basically converted it into a farming base. This isn’t all that bad as you will get a quick shield if your Town Hall is torn down.

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