How To Effectively Use Wall Breakers as Clash of Clans Game Strategy

Wall Breakers Strategy that’s the watch word for every Clash of Clan player now! Clash of Clans is well-known for its troops and mode of attacks. These troops have been divided into certain tiers and can be unlocked by upgrading the barracks. The wall breakers are one of the troops which almost everyone uses at a particular Town Hall level in order to invade and tear down enemy walls. Clash of Clans has received several updates since the first day it was released and these updates brought about a few changes. One such significant change was the AI of the wall breakers, making them now aim for walls which are surrounding buildings. Wall breakers can be very effective if used at the right time. Excessively deploying wall breakers isn’t something that is recommended. So if you’re looking to know all about wall breakers, you’re in the right place!

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How to Safely use Wall Breakers Strategy?

Wall breakers are relatively more expensive to train when compared to troops like barbarians and giants. Training them is going to cost you a lot of elixir. The last thing you want to do is use them incorrectly as that would result in a loss of valuable resources. You need to make sure that each of them blow up the targeted walls. To deploy them safely and effectively, you’ll need to drop tanking units. This makes the giants strategy a perfect fit for the job. After dropping a few giants, wait until the opponent’s defense structures focus on the giants and then deploy the wall breakers. If the enemy’s base has a mortar, deploy the wall breaker after a mortar strike to avoid the possibility of taking splash damage and exploding. So make sure deploy them in between mortar shots.

When one comes to Town Hall level 7, a most preferred combination is the barbarian, archer, and wall breaker when it comes to farming. This means that your army will not include any giants to tank the enemy before your wall breaker is sent in. If you’re in this situation, then use a hoard of barbarians to do exactly what the giants would do and then send in the wall breakers.

When using wall breakers deploy the minimum amount of them to tear the wall down. Over using this troop will only deplete your elixir at a fast rate. If a wall requires two wall breakers to break it down, then don’t use more than two. Make sure that both are dropped at the same time. Timing is everything, especially with the wall breakers.

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Using Wall Breakers as War Troops

If you’re using ground troops, wall breakers can be very helpful for war armies. They can be used in a way similar to how you would use a farming army which is mainly to break down walls and enter into the centre of the enemy’s base. You need to use them very early on in the battle as they would hardly do you any good after the giants have already torn down walls and died in the process.

Important CoC Gameplay Strategies to Remember about Wall Breakers!

1. Your wall breaker can only be unlocked once you have upgraded your barracks to level 5, which is available at Town Hall level 3.

2. These troops deal out splash damaged by tearing down walls. Wall breakers deal 40x damage to walls.

3. The wall breaker is programmed to instantly run towards nearby buildings and then explode and break down walls which surround these buildings, allowing the other troops to invade and loot. It is important to remember that wall breakers aren’t going to target any empty spaces. They will only do so when all buildings are destroyed.

4. As its name implies, the wall breaker is going to target walls. It will not lock on any buildings unless all walls have already been destroyed.

5. If the enemy base doesn’t have any walls, they will target the nearest building. This leaves them open and vulnerable to attacks from defense structures which can take them out almost instantly.

6. A good thing about wall breakers is that they remain unaffected by jumping spells.

Useful Wall Breaker Strategies specially for Clashers like You!

1. Making use of wall breakers will save the rest of your troops as they don’t have to concentrate on tearing down walls and can go directly for the defense structures.

2. Use wall breakers where there are buildings and walls surrounding the buildings.

3. You just need a couple of them to help the rest of your troops get to the centre of the enemy base. Taking too many wall breakers will lower your housing space for other troops.

4. Use other troops to distract defences so that they don’t take out your wall breakers before they detonate.

5. You might need more than one wall breaker depending upon your Town Hall level and the level of the wall you are attacking.

6. Since they do splash damage, using them next to buildings with low HP will destroy those structures.

This short guide will help you understand when to make use of wall breakers. They are one of the most useful troop units in Clash of Clans but can be one of the worst if used at the wrong time.


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